What is Swl or Eqsl

           What is a Swl or Eqsl Card.

Well both cards are radio reports so if I hear a radio ham or even a local radio station I can give them time date and who or what was happening at the time I listened and if I post the card its a Swl card when I get a card back via post it is a Qsl Card.

    But if I send the radio report via email it is a Eqsl card and the same is said for there return via email.

This is the back of my Eqsl card below just so you can see how it looks. As for the front you can add any image you want I change mine every so often to keep them new cards

   I also am a member Eqsl.CC which enables one to send and receive Eqsl cards for free so it saves postage also on Eqsl.CC if the person you entered the call sign of is a member you simply fill the report on Eqsl.cc and click send

           In total there are 351 registered countries so it will take a lot listening and hard work to get just one member from each               but then joy of joy's no idea how many operators in each of the  countries.